Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Poll -Votes are In!

Hey Family;-)

The votes are in from last weeks blog poll: With 85 percent vote rank. my blog is now open to more of the suggested features!

Snag a Saturday Hosted Giveaways:

If you would like me to host your first,fifth or 50th giveaway;-)-email me at with the subject title 'Host My Giveaway' and answer the following information:

*Your name and store or company's name

*What you would like to giveaway

*Information regarding your the item(s)-please include a description, pics,Extra details such as sales, or upcoming events for your store, etc.

Product Review:
Would you like to send me a sample of your handmade product to be reviewed? Email me for instructions on what to do next.

DIY project Challenge

I LOVE DIY PROJECTS! Do you have a DIY you want to share?? Saw a cool DIY project here and want to show off how you made YOURS? Email me with pics/video url or embed code and your DIY instructions. DIY contests coming this summer! woo!

Workout Wednesday- Fitness Share

Are you trying to lose weight like me? Do you have a successful routine/schedule or workout regime you want to share to help other loss or maintain there goal weight?Email me!

Manly Mondays

wha??did you say men? Yes dad, proud papa,fabulous father -you don't have to wait till Father's Day;-) We want to here from you! Share something with us dad related- a family photo-a home video or parenting tip.

Are you a crafty dad?Single/divorced/sole custody dad? I want to feature you!! or you can email me with a blog post or feature of something you make or do with the kids.

Hey if you cook share a recipe made by "the man" - Ladies, if you have a hubby/partner who fits any of these bills please share him with us..we need to see more dads out here-we get all the attention LOL!

Ok family, I asked, you voted, I posted;-) So, let's get this party started!!!!

Let forward to seeing the ideas rolling in. PS. SCAMMERS _DON"T GET ANT FUN IDEAS!-my email is not for YOU.

Talk to you next month--March(tee hee)

1 comment:

Lil 'ol me said...

Hi NY!
I am excited to get to know you too! I am so glad you liked the post I did on your necklace. It was a stunning piece.
Oh.. and by the way.. I will be having a DIY post sometime in the very near future. When I do I will let you know!!

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