Sunday, February 28, 2010

Colortime-snow go away!

As much as I love the peace and serenity of Winters calm.. I am itching for my senses to be awakened by COLOR!! Orchids and Mums and Carnations

Violets and Pansies

Chrysanthemums and Tulips

Sea blue skies...

fields of green.......

oranges and marmalade jam....mmmm

I couldn't wait. I posted these colorful, vegan friendly peacock feathers in my shop. I can make earrings with any of these colors listed. Wait, did I say vegan and peacock in the same sentence? Yes, because these are synthetic , faux, fake..non-animal based.Though I do use natural peacock feather in some of my feather creations. I clearly indicate if they are natural or not.

I love peacocks and started out working with the birds natural feathers since they shed naturally after the mating season and are still alive and kicking afterward, so to me it's like recycling a sustainable material that won't be used anymore.However, I started to use the man made ones originally it's dead ringer texture and beauty and organic processing but also for those who may be allergic to plumage, I had no idea they would be a hit in the vegan community.

These man made feathers are very well made,long lasting and specially dyed with old traditional dye process derived from the color pigments of flower, fruit and vegetable juices and oils and plants.

Humans have been using organic paints for years, there is just a better way to process the dyes, drying them, crush them up sanitize and set them without worry about running, smearing or staining.

The Grace: Finding Alternative Ways to Create with Natural Beauty.



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