Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want my Mammogram!!!

Ok, I know this is something most readers may be thinking-Do you have to blog about this??

No, but being an active member of EtsyProjectEmbrace, donator to the American Cancer Society,having 98% female blog readers/followers and having family members who are fighting cancer themselves. One should be concerned and want to keep up with their own personal health yes?? Besides, it's my blog ...;-)

Well, I have been secretly freaking out about my own breast health. One of my breast has been causing me some pain over the last few months- again but a lot more than usual-I admit I am terrified.

But the real problem is my doctor-she sees stats and is giving me a hard time about getting a mammography and special ultrasound. I was diagnosed with a breast condition since the age of 20 and had severe breast pain when I turned 30 and threatened to get another doctor if she wouldn't refer me to have the test done.

Well, I had the tests done back then and everything was fine..but I eventually left my previous doctor anyway. Now at 36 years old, my current doctor is giving me a hard time. "But you are so young, you don't have a history, you had children- blah blah blah.."I don't care, my breast hurts again- I have dense breast tissue and I have Fibrocystic Breast Condition I want another mammogram" I said

Unfortunately, I got desperate and had to play the race card. I said" As a professional you should know that breast cancer strikes earlier in women of African American decent than whites-as young as 33. I had the same article from the Journal of Medicine, the American Cancer Society as well as some community health articles that are geared towards African American/Minority women's' health. She just glared at me after that....

I am going to bother her about it tomorrow......I want my exam, I'm not kidding. Before I forget, here are so links geared toward African American women and breast health and a link to fibrocystic breast condition:

Just do me a favor family, pray for a positive outcome and a clean bill of health for me. I would greatly appreciate it. In the meantime PLEASE VOTE on my blog poll located above my Follow button.

Thanks and be well,



glassidentities said...

I think I would be finding me another doctor... my sister found out she had breast cancer at 35... and it did not even run in our family or anything... I think age and stats and race and all of that... should not even have to come into play... it is not as if you are asking for these tests to be done yearly... and you do already have issues... I will be praying for you and your health... and lots of support in fighting for your health. Hugs :)

as for blogging about it... I am glad you did it... this is one of those things people need to get out in the open and talk about.. and yell about sometimes :)

roughmagiccreations said...

Prayers and healing thoughts on their way this very minute! And keep on pestering till you get results -- no matter what card you have to play. It's your health your dealing with here, and you shouldn't have to be terrified or in pain!!!
hugs and xoxoxo

Nyblaque said...

thanks so much Michelle and Mollie-I made an appointment with another doctor- my GYN!! how ironic right..She is going to make a request for a referral for me..ahahaa

I will have a mammy test!! I'll keep you posted.


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