Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome Feature

Hey family;-)

I received a Google Alert in my email regarding a post featuring my Creatively Laura Earrings-Etsy Project Embrace.

When I checked my Etsy shop link I saw the views and hearts for this item spiked tremdously!

I didn't know who featured the earrings so I searched Nyblaque through'm telling you this site is soooo resourceful if you want to know who's talking about you!)and..........


Renaissance M. Austin of RagHouseInternational added the earrings to her saved Favs page on I was so delighted I had to post this in the Etsy Project Embrace Team Thread! What a great boost for EPE and even some exposure for Laura;-) Thanks so much!

I have been eyeing Ren's shop for a while ever since she caught my eye with her blue hair and beautiful smile:-) Mind you, though I had posted in a thread she created for Black History Month, I had NO idea I was actually going to be featured! It was a pleasant surprise to find on my own. I was very happy to see this fab upcycled bangle in her shop:

So let's see..upcycled from cardboard tubing, eco-friendly, rainbow gorgeous and plus size?? Oh yeah!

Now, I don't wear bangles like I used to due to my wrist size BUT..yes I had to have I bought it..the picture convinced me..tee hee. ;-) It's a perfect match with my

Rainbow Sleeper Hoops:
and I bought this one for my daughter-so she won't swipe mine LOL

I'll take pics of how it looks on me when I get it. Next of my wish list:

I love this poncho..I can definitely wear this. Though I am loosing weight right's a slow healthy process so this will fit me at my current weight just right and even afterward.It's not like I'm striving to be a size 6, size 11/12 is just right for me;-)

What I love best about Ren's shop is her Plus size variety of clothing and jewelry, great for men, fantastic photos and models of various ethnicity, sizes and ages. You know, real people LOL!! Her work and presentation is inspiring.

Please visit Ren at or read/follow Her GORGEOUS BLOG!

But wait...luck has struck again!

The Creatively Laura Earrings were also included in Etsy The Storque Blog in February 24th's Finds:Aquarius vs Pisces Article.

How cool is that? Thanks Etsy;-)

Thanks for visiting,

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! What an article! Thanks so much. AND!! I love learning about new site. Ah hello, I am so going to check out! That is spectacular!! lol


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