Saturday, February 27, 2010

Urbanista-Upcycled Jewelry

This is kinda funny...

My daughter wanted a pair of colorful threaded hoop earrings.Since I couldn't make any for her,I told her to let me buy the real McCoy and get some original handmade ones.She bought a mass produced copy instead.

She wore them, two days later the threads fell apart;-(. I took the coiled frame, cleaned them, oxidized them with liver of sulfur and made new earrings with them.

Now, tell me these black/dark teal peacock feathers are not fabulous looking inside the frame. The best part is I made a eco-conscious,hypoallergenic, vegan friendly ear buddy! (yup the feathers are man made and dyed with organic plant dyes. No animal by-products.The earrings suspend from niobium earring wires.

But wait, oh yes I did make a necklace to match! The chain is 925 sterling silver rolo chain at 2x4mm,length at 18.0 (45.5cm) with spring ring clasp. The earrings and pendant are 3inches long x 2inches wide at hoops widest point.

****What is niobium?*****

Niobium metal, without compounds, is physiologically inert thus a nickel-free, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic metal. It is frequently used in jewelry, body piercing and some medical implants.If you have nickel pewter and precious metal allergies. Niobium and Titanium are the best metals for you.

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