Monday, February 8, 2010

Workaholic - as usual ;-)

Hey Family;-)

Well my net is back up- I missed it so LOL!

I am still steady at 8 pounds gain so far yay!

I am a part of the Heartsforhaiti Volunteer team. I help post donated listing into the shop. I will be submitting a short bio of me at the EtsyForHaiti blog
And..... I just got my hands on some spring/ light green peacock feathers.. I will have the untrimmed and sword tip stems;-) I can't wait to take pic and show you what they look like tomorrow.

Boy, I have so much catching up to do!!!

What have you guys been up to? your comments below.

Patrice-- Hey girl..I see you peeking in on my bloggie:-)

GlassIdentities;-) Howdy!!! Glad to see you here. I will be stopping by soon to comment on your weight loss posts. Glad to see you are going steady so far!!! Go girl !!!!!

Welcome now followers- I see you;-)

Ok..gotta go - again.




glassidentities said...

Glad you are back :) way to go on the 8lbs.. I am hoping that mine starts taking off soon... seem to be stuck bouncing around up and down a bit... been sick this week but am hoping to come back strong and kick some weight butt :) Doing a giveaway over on my blog this week.. ends Sunday... in case you want in on it:)

glassidentities said...

Hey... so glad you are back :):)

way to go on the 8 pounds.. I am battling with mine.. seem to go down a pound up a pound.. not getting anywhere... been sick this week but hoping to come back kicking this next week.

Doing a giveaway on my blog this week... closes on Sunday :)

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