Saturday, March 13, 2010

Balance- Building a Portfolio

I have been trying to build a customer portfolio for some time now. It's been a gradual trickling of submissions from customers who were not too shy to share. So far the most common submissions were from the Blonde Peacock feathers.

I would have never thought that selling peacock feathers in my shop would turn into a new niche-bridal orders and home decor! I made so many custom wedding orders with these blond feathers. It's been a blast to create something so wonderful to help a bride feel beautiful on her special day.

These earrings were made inspired from an original custom bridal order for a bridal party in Orlando,Florida for September 1st.2009. The wedding bridal theme and colors were vintage ivory and silver with a bohemian twist.

This set below is three out of five pairs of earrings for the bridesmaids of a New York bride. for Sept 2009. The wedding color theme was modern romantic with cream, black and dark silver.

This is a picture of a set of Blonde and Dark Teal Feathers that were purchased from my Nyblaque shop from a ceramics artist in Canada. They look great and I love the vase she made to go with them.

I used a dozen feathers to make this centerpiece for myself

and this lovely lady was gracious enough to model the Blond Peacock Feather Beaded earrings for me with her feather print outfit;-) Beautiful;)

I look forward to seeing my portfolio grow;-)
Thanks for visiting.

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