Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creativity: The Wedding Bug

Sigh I LOVE weddings :-) So the bug has bit me again. I finally got around to making simpler floral romantic necklace with a eco-conscious twist.

I made the Bouquet Necklace from up cycled pink ribbons that once belonged to my daughters' old Barbie and American Girl dolls . They were used as sashes,accessories and hair ribbons on the dolls.She loved the dolls but hates Pink..tee hee. After 12 yrs of not playing with them she donated the dolls and their clothes to the Red Cross for the kids in Haiti. I hope some lucky little girls got them;-)

I just took the ribbons and learned the ribbon rose pattern to make a pendant. This one was made with glass pearls and recycled sterling silver.

This one is currently listed in my shop. It is made with red brass-though its color is more golden then any shade of red.

I love seed pods and so I added up cycled vintage czech glass faceted beads from my mom's old broken rosary from 50 years ago that she gave me and threaded through a seed pod to make this necklace.

This ring is my next project..what do you think??

I sold my first pair of Feather earrings in the Swan today and re listed-though I have sold these before, it was a great karma;)

Blonde Peacock Feather Beaded Earring

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