Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stamping Up...

Hey Family,

Time to stamp I mean step it up a notch.Last year I blogged about going to Pratt to take some metal smithing classes. I finally finished the beginner series, but I also invested in some stamping equipment since I have received few order last month for personalized jewelry and engraving.

capital block and calligraphy upper case letter tools

I have also grown tired of not being accepted into a few of the better known craft fairs that are juried after looking at the jewelry that did make it and seeing a similar acceptance across the board:..stamped, engraved, and soldered metal jewelry make it every time.

So here is the kit I purchased to start me off. I will be getting a new soldering iron and materials later...I'll have the items next week so I can't wait to show you what charms I plan on making;-) This summer I am going back to the fairs so I'll be prepared this time as you know I create things on site..

Sorry I haven't had much to blog about otherwise- just taking a break with the family and stocking up my SwanRiver shop: -) I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting,

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