Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello Family

Geesh, It's been a while-thank you all for sticking around. Admittedly I have been busy adding new listings and promoting my SwanRiverStone shop and anxiously awaiting my stamping kit so I can start making a whole new spin of jewelry.

It's hard sometimes for me to time manage dual blogging..esp when the blogs have difference themes and focus. My Swan blog is geared towards all things eco friendly that I create and well as interested in.

This blog is constantly evolving! From shop talk to indie features to silly stuff , to charitable causes to..who knows. I guess I TRY to keep things fresh...but it can be a bit hard when I usually look for feedback/input from my readers.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. My Nyblaque shop is closed until April 30th- I think I mentioned this before. I will be back to blog again this week, and catch up wth blogs I am following.

Thanks for visiting.

1 comment:

MichelleBallard said...

hey back to you :) I do not seem to be very good at blogging right now.. so many things going on off of the computer that when I do sit down and think about blogging I am just not sure which direction to go in... also seems like most of my blogging friends are not as active either... it is a bit harder when the interaction is missing. I think after this weekend I may try to get busy with it again :) I am off to check out your other blog now and see what is happening there :)

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