Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creativity -Bead Lust -Earth Day Collection

I have already started my Earth Day Collection with some simple hammered rings and Wood Kanji Earrings

but I came across these lampwork and ceramic handcrafted beads and drooled! These would make great additions to the Earth Element (glass & clay) of the collection. Every piece in the collection represents one of Earth many elements somehow- Fire-Metal-Water-Air-Earth-Wood.

I also bought some glass beads for bracelets

I haven't figured out how I am going to incorporate Air and Water...I'll think of something;-)..Fire is actually represented as a neccessary element to form and shape Wood & Metal &Earth( i.e heat patina, kiln heat and drilling/laser)

Water is represented through Sea glass through ocean tumbling and the hydration process.

Plus I love these Periwinkle Pillow Boxes made with plantable recycled paper. Created by Mariposa Paper Arts . I package all my small pieces in these boxes.

Thank for visiting;-)

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Kottage Kreations said...

I love those ceramic pendants! Where did you find those? They are so adorable! I need to get me some of those pillow boxes. They are perfect for sending product out to customers!

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