Saturday, April 3, 2010

Balance- Mind Mapping

I took a moment to think about my progress so far with my new business. It's been a blessing to gain 10 sales and plenty of new fans on my Facebook to interactive with. But I am also experiencing my disappointments- I am not at the level of progress that I need to be- it's deeper than that.

Even after almost 3yrs of having one source of income that does not come from a 9-5 outside environment is still quite a challenge to make successful. I sat down and thought about "Who are you? why did you start this new shop? what are you trying to accomplish?

In answer.I thought of my shop name-it is literally my mantra for all the I am doing-

Grace-The Swan
Balance -The River
Strength-The Stone

I didn't really keep these elements forefront in my mind when I FIRST started Nyblaque- I was just a desperate newly single mom trying to find a way to feed my kids.Nyblaque is still evolving-but, SRS is different - it is the way I want to run a business and my life: focused, enjoying life and it gifts, making a difference somehow making things that represent what I care about. Crafting with elements completely handmade -enjoy their natural beauty, artwork, spirituality-earth friendly.

But, I admit I have lost a little focus- fell into the"popularity trap" worrying about how many fans I have, feeling behind with the competition. For example- I looked back at my early blog posts and then the knew ones--what happened to the Balance, The Strength-even the Grace- it was lost to sales ads, and the like--That's not the mantra.

I will not going backwards....I found inspiration today.
MommytheMarketer wrote a blog post that really spoke to my mantra:
It is not the title that spoke to me--it was the idea of Mind Mapping- it's like when I used to write poetry and free write -just pick a topic and then jot down anything that came to mind. Mind Mapping basically helps you to"free write" your thoughts , which become ideas, which turn into goals-then become your focus to make them happen in real time for you.

So many this may read this, roll their eye and go "duh that's a no-brainer" but really, who hasn't LOST focus- got caught up in the "trends" or pressure to sell as a business,indie or not at least once. Who as a work at home mom-hasn't felt the pressure to pay bills on time with no revenue coming in--or worried about time management..even if it's an easy idea to Mind Map--it not always easy to discipline yourself to execute Consistently!

After reading this post- I found myself at the River(unbalanced) for me, this is the most important element of my mantra- without it everything falls apart. I have devoted this weekend to meditation and Mind mapping. no, photos, no has no purpose it your mind is not right.

If you are in the same boat--remember your mantra--read articles like MommytheMarketer has created and re-focus. You'll be glad you did.
Just something I wanted to share with you.Thanks for visiting.
BTW- it's funny how this is happening to me when Easter is tomorrow and Spring is upon us---coincidence or is someone of a higher power trying to tell me something?

Happy Easter/Passover to you...

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-Amber Jordan said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for including me in this post. I am thrilled that I am helping you find balance! Blessings to you and enjoy your time this weekend!

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