Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creativity- Inspiration through finding Balance

A little over a week ago. I had turmoil at the home front..everything was out of wack. I couldn't eat or sleep. I was filled with fear , despair and sorrow.My deepest meditation were not working, my prayers gave little solace.I had to go to the river.

This may sound corny, maybe even fabricated to some but this comes from my spiritual roots of African and Native American ancestry..The River is your cleansing ground because it's spirit very much like the human spirit. Complicated, simple, extreme, passive, raging, calm, unforgiving, merciful, violent, healing, still, wild..

Soo many feelings.The Rivers and oceans are very much like people emotionally..sometimes one feeling, sometimes several feelings.Water speaks to you. it want you to listen because it know the secrets of your heart.

So, in the unbalanced state I was in. I went to the River - and let go..I cried, I screamed, I prayed..and the River flowed over me..It healed me, it understood my pain & helped me cope with what I was going through.

Ocean Peace SeaGlass Necklace was a very difficult yet therapeutic piece to make. It has already found a new home yesterday.

The piece is symbolic of my experience. It's a simple piece. The seaglass has a double symbolism of the rough and tumble emotions I was feeling-very much like how seaglass is created -tossed and turned all around in the oceans yet through time the end result is a new creation of beauty and light. The silver wire and the rock symbolizes the Strength and security that held me up doing my emotional purge and the river (water) receding into a state of stillness and piece.

I plan on making another one similar to it. I think the wire wrapped style gives it a very organic look without fancy twits and coils-making it very easy to wear. Thanks for visiting.


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Julie said...

It is beautiful! I love the colors.

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