Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creativity- Something Old Made New


It's been a WHILE since I have blogged -serious writers block going on. But one thing I am never short on is creating something!

These poor old oven mitts! I have had them for 15yrs and they are finally coming apart. But they will not go to waste I have big plans for them

The ring holder popped so I made a pair of Earrings out of them


This insulation of these oven mitts is great. Other than the hole that have generated in the finger portions, these mitts are still in excellent condition.

I am going to cut them and repurpose them into cozies for hot /cold drinks

The fingertips I will probably use for a purse or part of fingerless gloves..not sure just yet.These crocheted coasters were made with some old cds of my mom's that she didn't want and were too out dated to resell. So I made them the base of the coasters and used recycled crochet yarn from a purse project that I never finished,

I have them listed in my Etsy shop right now. I look forward to making some more. Better on a table then in a landfill;-)

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Ashanti( Thank you/Blessings in Swahilli)

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