Thursday, May 13, 2010

Balance : Supporting Sweatshop Socials

Sweatshop Socials are amazing free events presented by that teaches participants how to use a sewing machine and how to construct a reusable bag made from repurposed materials.

"The goal of Sweatshop Socials is to have at least 1000 New York City residents make their own reusable bags as well as donate to a local Greenmarket over one calendar year. If the goal is met, this will greatly help reduce the carbon footprint of plastic bags usage and waste in NYC, salvage wasted scrap fabric from local landfills, and help continue the timeless, energy efficient skill of sewing".

Next Saturday, I plan to attend the May 22nd Sweatshop Social at 3rdWard. But in the meantime I posted this widget on my blog to remind me to donate to the June Sweatshop event. each Sweatshop Social Project is funded by public support and hosted by You can donate yourself or go to to learn more about them and cut and past the widget onto you website or blog to spread the word about this is great group of eco crafty folk!

The Balance: It makes me feel good be a proactive part of helping the environment by crafting something for others and supporting organizations that do the same as a collective.I will blog about this event again next week. If you are in NYC, maybe you could stop by , make a bag or two and party on! ;-)

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