Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Loyal Heart;-)

Hey Family,

Happy Summer Solstice. It's a hot one today and I love it!.the Summer is one of my favorite seasons;Outdoor concerts, beach fun, lots of free events for the family, fruits galore, carnivals, craft fairs...oh yeah!

Oh, what's up with the groovy chick in the tie dye?? LOL, that's me shipping orders last week. Hey, I have to look good doing it! Can you believe I am down to a size 14 now from 2x!! I've lost 15 pounds and 3inches over the past 4 months.woo hoo;-)

I haven't posted anything in so long regarding Etsy Project Embrace or HeartsFor Haiti and I have been feeling kinda bad about that. But don't think for a sec I have phased out of either cause. I feel as passionate now as I did in October of 2009 and January 2010 and have been putting in more footwork and volunteer help offline than on is all.

I made these cute Pink Heart Earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness and in honor of TeamEtsyProjectEmbrace as we strive for awareness and continued research and support for families and loved ones who are fighting and recovering from ANY form of cancer.I made a pair in sterling silver posts that I listed today in my Nyblaque shop.

Here is the sensitive ears version with anodized niobium earwires.In pink of course;-)

I do miss interacting with the team so much but I see from TeamEPE's Facebook and our Team blog they are going on strong! Go EPE;-) As far as Heart for Haiti, sadly Hearts For Haiti is no longer accepting donations, and will close when the last unsold item expires. Here is a quote from the HFH Etsy shop announcement:

"We thank all of our donors & buyers for their generous support, & we hope that the buying support will continue.As of 6/12/10 we have raised $33,525.73 (after fees) for Doctors Without Borders" Click on this hyperlink from an April post from the HFH blog with more information regarding the shop.
Please follow HeartsForHaiti's Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Discussion Thread on Etsy as well as HFH donation recipients DoctorsWithoutBorders Website and Twitter for continued awareness and support.

I have decided to continue making free bags for families in Haiti and donating them to the American Red Cross. If I can contribute by making something to carry the basic needs as well as personal effect while traveling to and fro trying to get the help they still so desperately need, I am more than thrilled. Every chance I get I participate in the free BagsforthePeople events for bag making as well as a few projects on my own.

May the sun always shine in your hearts and the spirit of humanity inspire you every day.

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