Friday, August 27, 2010

Balance: Family Time

My little sweetie turned 4 on Thursday;-) Wow, time flies;-) Ashe loves my chocolate cakes so I made his favorite one layer square shape for his birthday. His big sister called in to send birthday greeting while away at school.

His adopted uncle(my best friend) and mentor stopped by and gave him his favorite super hero:-)(minus the missiles lol)

an afternoon bike shopping for his first big boy bike with stabilizers(training wheels).

and finished with some weekend "Man Time" with Dad and his new bike;-) Daddy assembled the bike and everything for him and took it for a test run in the courtyard since I couldn't find his helmet. No helmet, no outside lol;-) Ashe didn't care daddy was teaching him how to ride-that was enough for him.

Thanks for visiting:-)

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