Sunday, August 15, 2010

Balance-From an ABSTRACTVE point of view

I am delighted to feature another amazing fine artist Adi Bussel of Abstractive. located in Haifa, Israel
Adi loves to hear about what people see or feel in her paintings and invited me to comment of her Facebook Fan page:

I figured I would take it up a bit and post a feature on the ones I like the most and why;-) Here are my three favorites.

ETERNAL FLAME - PRINT (15.5'' x 23.5'')

What do I see:A modern bonfire..flames licking up to the sky, it's amber heat and energy raises toward the mid summer atmosphere.

What do I feel: A single couple in a united state of peace,their blue aura reflecting each other contentment-no white light or halos, as blue does not have to represent sadness or depression. Blue is a water color, it can be cleaning, surreal- soft- reflective with a romantic edge.

What I see: The imagination of a child dreaming a rainy day into big beautiful drops of blue cool water color, turning a grey earth below into a deep Caribbean sea.

Thank you Adi for sharing your work with us! You can also view her portfolio here:
Shalom Adi;-)

1 comment:

Adi said...

Thanks so much for featuring my paintings! Your descriptions about them are beautiful!
Care (:

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