Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creativity...on a sensitive note

Happy August everyone;-)

It's been a busy end of July with moving out of my old apt and sending my eldest child o to school. So crafting had to be put on a very slow hold. I did get a chance to make some earrings with metal sensitive ears in mind.

It was actually an inspiration from a customer who wanted earrings made completely out of niobium after trying a pair of earring wires made from the same metal. I thought I might try my hand at making a few smaller versions of semi-hoops earrings in anodized niobium in silver, yellow and oxidized bronze colors.

I think the silver hoops are a great substitute for those sensitive to sterling silver, silver plate, pewter and nickel and have a great oxidized silver color compared to the standard dark gray color I normally use.

A golden pair would be nice too for gold or brass sensitive ears too. I plan on making some simple small endless hoops this week too. I am really excited to introduce these wooden typewriter key studs with niobium wire posts!

I really wanted to create a pair of post earrings that were metal sensitive and since the most current zodiac signs are Leo and Virgo..why not use these awesome natural birch wood keys. The laser engraving of the Virgo astrological symbol is awesome.

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jamberry_song said...

These are just deliciously gorgeous! I have slight metal allergies that prevent me from wearing some metals, so this strikes close to heart for me. Awesome stuff! :D

swanriverstone said...

i hear ya! I have super sensitive ears-they itch and ooze when I used to wear pewter, nickel and even stainless steel!

So when I found out about niobium-I was hooked. the metal feels great in my ears. I am glad you like the post;-) it makes me feel good to offer a versatile product such as this one and be so creative with it;-).

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