Monday, July 26, 2010

Balance- Moving On.....

It's never easy to leave something you worked so hard to achieve behind. I loved the freedom having my own place gives me as a young mother and an artist..but after four yrs of living here it is time to move on..

Like most people, I have good and bad memories within these walls. On the positive, this is where I started working from home, where I brought home and started raising my youngest child, held my first holiday celebrations as a family on my own, saw my oldest child go to her junior prom with her first date...the laughter,,the creative freedom..the awesome hardwood floors LOL;)

Well, the walls have been freshly painted, and the floors swept and cleaned. This pic is where my home office was located in the foyer the desk is being taken apart to load into the truck easily. I spent many a night till the wee hours working in this area. All the crafting, packing, wrapping and sewing. I'll miss watching my youngins from above the sunk in living room playing while cooking dinner or finishing up some emails before bedtime.

Sigh, I am really going to miss this place, but the rent has become just too high to keep it.

The Balance is simple: With progress comes change, a better opportunity awaits..look to the future and learn from your past so you can apply the wisdom's kept to your present.

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