Sunday, September 5, 2010

Balance - Family Time

I was sitting at home with two slightly swollen feet and a bp reading of 145/90 feeling miserable. I wanted to go out so badly but I was too tired to take the baby for an outing. Then my son's father called: " What are you doing today? He says. "Feeling sorry for myself LOL!" I replied.

"Oh yeah, he chuckled, we just have to see about that, I'm coming over."

Two hours later, I found myself in Coney Island, Brooklyn taping the same ride I experienced as a child for the first time many years ago, the Saturn 6. Just looking at it again made my stomach turn just as it did as a child;-P I had forgotten how much fun this place is for the young and old. I've been so busy working it's hard to schedule in family time. But I do and enjoy every moment if nothing else for the sake of sanity.

It was a perfect 75 degrees, with a few gusts of wind at 20 miles per hour.

The water was so calm you would never think we just an Catagory 2 Hurricane blow past here just the night before.

Though we are separated, I have noticed my son's father has become increasingly active in our lives, esp my son's. I just wish the support was here 3yrs ago when I needed it the most. But I'll take what I can get;-)

I love this little shell;-)

And yesterday was the Wonder Wheels' 90th Anniversary

It was a beautiful day;-) Thanks for visiting

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