Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creativity- salvaged fun

Don't you hate when you are listening to your favorite song..esp for those of you who use ear plugs when after a while one of the earphones dies on you? It starts out slow..with one speaker volume getting lower and lower, then it shorts, until finally it goes dead;-P

I have always wanted to do something with my old ear plugs but back then I just took cleaned them and took them to an electronic store that recycled such gadgets for the other working parts of speakers(magnets, wires,etc)

I was playing with my adjustable ring bases and remebered my daughter had an old set from her Ipod she stopped using because one of the plug wires got snagged in the doorwa and popped before she could even use it...

So I took off the foam covers sprayed it with Lysol for good measure and with some good jewelry glue and a few strips of thick black faux leather cord for a simple embellishment and to cover fill the gap between the piece and the ring base:
A little buffing here and there..and there you have the Upcycled Earphone Ring . The ring fits from a size 6 to 8. Simple and eco-cool;-) What do you think?

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