Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another day as a designer - Some of the common questions a designer goes through:)

I remember when I was vending in NYC and I would across alot of questions , which was expected...but some questions seem to repeat themselves more often than any other. This one here happens to be my personal favorite"Why do you charge $10 and up its only handmade, that's expensive!?".

At first it was understandable , then it became funny, but when customers would approach me during the holiday season draped in "jewels" that cost an estimated 3months of my NY rent.... then it got annoying.

My first thought was..."you cant be serious" .....followed by .."this is NY do you reeaaallly think think $10.00 is alot of money for a pair of earrings, have you been to Macy's lately" lolol!!!!.. Of course not you just cleaned out Tiffany's LOL!!

Sighhhhh...............anyhow. I thougt this might be a bit fun and informative to those who don't know. Just so you,well..know:)

Why the cost?

1.Well, I create all the designs, purchase materials, assemble/produce all pieces by hand solely.
2. Materials are purchased wholesale for a better quantity/and quality product.
3. As a self represented jewelry designer I have to replinish any an all investments made into each pieces I design and sell. Plus I would like to get paid for my work too:)
4. Gold, silver and copper are priced based on the current stock market( London, NY) values which determines how much a precious metalswill sell per troy ounce. This trickles down to folks like me who pay the wholesale price.

"What is the difference between gold fill/gold plate, sterling silver/silver plate?"
We all know that gold is not inexpensive, So I offer a long lasting, economical way to enjoy gold without the big price tag. 14 Karat Gold filled is not a base metal filled with gold, contrary to popular belief! By law, it has 1/20th by weight layer of 14 karat gold overlay that is permanently heat-and-pressure-bonded several thin layers of gold to a brass core.Under normal wear with reasonable care that you would give precious metal jewelry, 14KGF jewelry will not peel or flake, and is safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold jewelry.
Gold-plate is created using an electro-chemical processes.Gold-plate places a thin molecule of gold, or most often, something that really isn't karat-gold and which leaves a gold color, on copper or brass or some base metal. The weight of the gold can be less than 5% of the total weight of the piece. The gold color wears off pretty quickly when interacting with the wearer's skin salts or the pollutants in the air.Thus gold-plated jewelry is less expensive and less durable than gold-filled.

Silver plate is the term used to describe any product that is made of metal and that has been quoted with a layer of silver. The actual material is usually some other base metal and the plating material used is silver. The silver used to plate the metal is usually sterling silver and it is quoted by a process of electroplating. Depending on the quality of the product the thickness of the silver coating may differ from product to product.
Sterling silver is .925 silver with a .075 additive, usually copper or zinc alloy that is used to harden the silver. Sterling made in the USA after the 1850's always has a sterling mark. It may say Sterling. But usually, its says 925 or 925/1000. If it doesn't have this mark it is not sterling. It can also be tested with an acid to determine its content. This should be done professionally. Anything made entirely of sterling silver is ninety two percent a precious metal and maintains and increases in value.

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