Friday, September 5, 2008

I remember this one

I love to write poems...its a passion of mine. Poetry became my vent to say what I couldn't dare out loud..especially when I was in love. Here is a poem I wrote to someone I was crazy about.....
I took a mental picture of you the day me met. To burn you in my mind lest I would not forget.It was that first glance, the welcome in your smile. Your eyes that said come closer to me, the memory alone drives me wild.You're the reason my body feels like a child. Vying for your attention, craving your affection.As a young girl I dreamed you, now you're reality, true perfection.
No treasures can quite compare to the knowledge you hold and wisdom you share.The intensity within your stare tell me your desires, your fears and your cares.You want to get close but i back away. The sounds of your voice compels me to stay.The intensity in your eyes leaves no doubt that you wish, to fulfill the desire of sharing a first kiss.The tenderness in your lips release guarded emotion. A prelude to soft sighs and passionate devotion.
In this moment I learn you're that man, of which women will search.They say women choose their man. But at this moment it is YOU who chose me first.
*Copyright A.Niblack-New York, NY 10/25/05
Oh yeah, what happened??? Let's just say our baby boy is our amazing testimony of love;)


TheresaJ said...

Beautifully written, and what a cute little guy!

littlebrownpen said...

Oh wow, it's lovely! And what a sweetie.

Annette said...

This is just beautiful!

MaryMarsh said...

Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing! :) What an adorable little one!

Nyblaque said...

thank you for your comments I am truly honored.

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