Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Reflection

I am currently gathering a reflective blog post for 2008. I hope to have it finished before January 1st. In the meantime, I just wanted to thank all those who are following my blog and have subscribed as well. I truly appreciate your interest.

For me, blogging has become more than an advertisement for my crafting but a semi-personal journal. Lets face it, the only thing between us right now is miles of physical distance, continents a computer screen and the Internet.

My on-line shops can only tell you so much about me, but all of us are consumers on some level. So what makes most of us come back to a favorite store over and over again. Familiarly and trust..a connection that you're comfortable with. In an online shop all you have at first glance is presentation, pics, and price. Every purchase is a chance based on the "three P's.

I personally decided to start sharing poetry, random blurbs, pics of my family and me. Coming from an ex-model that's may be weird, but I 'm not 17 anymore either..gotten really camera shy over the years. I wanted to show the person behind the shop..that who I am and what I do is real and all me, the ups and downs, joys and stress that I go through as a seller ...and as a human.

Sometimes all this technology and fast paced living makes it easy to forget the humanity behind artisans and their work. That's the MAIN reason I also started my artisan feature blog- to put the spotlight on OTHER indie artists and their crafts.

I look forward t o spending more time working one my indie blog next year and the exposure it will hopefully bring to so many talents out there.

Thanks for visiting

Be Well,


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