Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For Carole- Liver Transplant Fund-Updated

This post was originally listed on december 20th,2009

I found this wonderful thread on Etsy and jumped right in to participate!

Carole Stites-Luka Is In Dire Need Of A Liver Transplant.
Read: http://liver4carole.blogspot.com For More Information

See The Etsy Thread Of Support with over 25 Etsy Shop donating items!! and the list is fast growing!Ny
<<>!This Season, help support giving the greatest gift of all: LIFE !

There were not enough responses to the Etsy thread unfortunately so the thread was taken down. Everyone will be directed to Carole's blog which will have all the instructions on how to donate, etc. A drawing has been decided and folks are putting together a basket- you can learn more at the blog liver4carole.blogspot.com.

Let as many people as you can know about this blog - On New Year's Day we will announce the winner to the drawing.


Alicia said...

Welcome to Artfire, I think your going to love it there! Nice to have you.

Indiesmiles said...

Thanks for donating items to our upcoming contest! Please sign-up for email updates to hear about Carole's progress and new contests:

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