Monday, December 8, 2008

Indie Archives-Interview with Artists and former Etsy Seller-Jen Conshue -Created 6/3/08

My name is Jen Conshue. I have a BFA in Drawing from Southern Oregon University. Making jewelry is a bad habit, I mean super fun hobby. Drawing is my passion. Give me a mechanical pencil and paper and I'm happy. Give me a Mac with a 24" screen and a Pen tablet and I'll pee my pants with excitement.

What inspires me?
The creative energy of other artists inspires me to make art.

My current favorite piece:
And, I really wish I made more of these before I decided to quit making jewelry. I've tried to make another, but my mind is mixed up in a large drawing project right now.

What got you started in this?
I first started making jewelry while working at Looking Glass Beads & Jewelry in Ashland Oregon. It soon became a obsession and with well over 300 pieces made and the encouragement from a few cool and creative women I decided to do a few craft shows. It was my booth neighbor at my first craft show that introduced me to Etsy and soon after I opened my shop.

One weird fact about you or your shop:
I don't wear jewelry. It's my dirty little secret.

How did you come up with your shop name?
It's my name. Don't wear it out.

Give some advice to other Etsians.
Do your research. Read books about business. Get a mentor. Ask tons of questions. Participate in the community. Love what you do. Do it every day.

My goals for this year:
To sell everything in my shop. Everything will be on sale 50% off and will ship free until it's gone, including my massive button collection and all my beads. To get my drawings out of my studio and seen.

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