Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh! so that's what they really look like:)

One of my wonderful customers and fellow Unique Women in Business member-Macaroniandglue was nice enough to send me a picture of herself wearing my

Handmade Spiral Earrings w/Semi -Precious Amazonite

I am starting to build a portfolio of voluntary customers wearing my designs. Not only do these "collections" market my products better when I am vending, but also helps with my validity as an entrepreneur to make me a more viable candidate for a small business grant that I applied for this fall. I have a presentation coming in March 2009 and will receive a final decision in April.
My goals is to obtain a minimum of 25 pics by March 15th.

I will keep you posted of my progress in the next few months..if any of my customers, blog giveaway winners etc would like to "donate" a pic modeling your purchase or prize from would help me so much!

Thanks for visiting.

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