Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cool Budget Project

I always liked the personalized mini calender magnets as a great promo tool, but I figured this would be a great idea to use when you are on tight budget and still present a professional look.
I wanted to give out my business card but with the convenience of a magnet when I ship out orders . It will help keep the cards from being lost or misplaced and is a great idea to help a customer remember you.
I just took some magnets strips and cut off a square piece, then used a thin even layer of crazy glue to the back of card.
Pressed the magnet square to the the card..let dry and that's it:) Simple, economic and eco-friendly too..less paper to use and take ups a small space on the fridge or bulletin board.
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Anonymous said...

Clever idea! --equivoque from Etsy

Nyblaque said...

thanks !

missknits said...

ohhh now why didnt i ever think of that! what a great idea! thanks!

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