Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simple Sunday

Snow- Something about the snow makes pictures look so surreal even jewelry photos:)

Sewing- I tore apart my old jeans and finished sewing the pockets closed to make jean mini-purses out of them--up cycling is so fun..I'll have some more pics tomorrow showing what I did with them. These will be sold in my Artfire shop
Sentimental - I just listed these two cards in my Etsy shop. These can be given to a loved one ANYTIME and great for family and close friends.
Although the cards are tagged for the holiday, not everyone celebrates Valentines I wanted to offer cards that are good to express love any day, by adding "non-traditional and "sentimental" tags as well.

How was your Sunday?

Be Well,



kim* said...

my sunday was so so glad yours was nice :)

helena said...

andrea, that's a cool idea!! mini jeans purse!!! You could put some zippers or sew some of your jewellery pieces onto it...just one or two beads.

Or maybe make a perfect denim set! Like a really cool jewellery piece to go with your mini jeans purse!


Nyblaque said...

those are great ideas!!! thanks Helena

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