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Feature Friday- Indie Interview Archive with a Cozy life

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I had the pleasure of receiving an Interview from Cozy it is:)

Hi Cozy, Tell us about yourself:
Name, Etsy Store Name and Location.
Kathy Johnston, A Cozy Life,

Tell us a little about your Etsy store.
My store is filled with things done by hand that are either knit or crocheted.
I do occasionally sew or quilt but I really enjoy the
process of taking a simple
piece of thread or yarn and making something
out of it without a machine involved.

Where do you find inspiration?
I am a pack rat and gather books and fibers and like many crafters say wait for them to
tell me what they want to be. I guess I also filter
the things around me like color, shape
and textures and use those
impressions to make something new.

What made you decide to sell on Etsy??
From the very beginnings of ecommerce on the Internet I looked for ways to sell
crafts online. None of the early craft malls seemed like a good
thing for one reason
or another. I had a website for about a year but
keeping it up for no sales was so
discouraging. In the fall of 2005 I
found a blog mention of a site called Etsy.
I looked around and fell in
love. I lurked, learned, and waited until I moved from
Utah to Arizona
and then signed up.

Name one weird fact about you or your shop
This one has really stumped me although I will tell you that my family thinks it is
weird that I blog.

How did you come up with your shop name?
I came up with the user name first. I wanted one word that would be
to remember. I got the idea for that from an early Etsy seller named Dyno.
Everyone knew who she was. I love the feelings the word cozy
From there the shop became A Cozy Life.

What piece(s)in your store is your favorite or best reflect your style?
This headband would fit my personal style. I love the softness of the colors and
blue is my favorite color. I don't always work on things that would
fit me
personally however. I like to try lots of colors and techniques
just to see how
they turn out hoping that they would suit someone else.

What are your goals for this year?
Just more. I would like to get my act together and list more and of course
sell more. I did craft shows for quite awhile in Utah and of course you always
s make more than you sell. All of that was carefully packed away
I moved and I need to get more of that out, photographed and
listed. I have
a lot of baby items and home decor like table runners in
general and holiday fabrics.
I would also like to start quilting again.
I have a lot of fabric
and designs sketched out in notebooks calling to

What is one piece of advice can you give to other Etsy sellers?
I think most crafters and artists make what feeds their inner self,
or what ever name you give it is something they feel driven to do.
I would say follow that, provide great service to customers that
appreciate that drive in you and it will work out.

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