Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Craft Space-Photo Area

Hey Family,

Seems like everyone is showing off their craft space these days..So I swallowed my pride and wanted to show you some of the places where I work in the house. Today, I'll show you my indoor area. Here is where I have been taking my photos during the winter and on those rainy, crazy days these past few months...try not to laugh..;-P

That solid earthy background is a 6 foot sheet of wrapping paper that my daughter used the white part of for a life size drawing she created in the 7th grade, I "reuse" it and use the brown side. My room window seems to be the only room in my house where I can get some decent light and shadow. So I just prop up the paper against the window and use this gorgeous stoneware cup to hold it in place.

Using the cup in my pictures was by accident, I needed a prop to place my necklaces against and I like the way it looked against the paper ..then I tried earrings..and the rest was history. This cup is actually a "throwaway" that was handmade by an Etsy Artist... she says this piece didn't set right so the cup is not safe to drink from ..but its safe to use for other things , so I made it into a prop, pencil/pen holder and I may make it into some pendants in the future...maybe.

I find the best light is between 12- 2 pm here. the only problem is the sun gives of a haze when I use my black display bust, and it's also the time my son starts to get cranky and needs a nap so I am lucky if I can get in an hour of light time. My camera has issues leaving a "slight snowy" look in the pics sometimes.."the snow" is when the camera is over pixlelating.

So that's it....Where do you take photos inside ?? Please share;-)

Happy Saturday,

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The Point said...

I love seeing into others spaces - thanks for sharing!!

Nyblaque said...

Thanks so much , glad you like it.:) I am enjoying reading about craft spaces too

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

I'm too embarrassed to show mine. It's a hot mess, but I'm workin' on it!

Nyblaque said...

Patrice, oh girl please!..i showed you mine now show me yours;-) look forward to seeing that.

Crysto said...

very inventive, love the way the cup looks with the brown paper. And the use of the natural light from your window's saving on elec! So people with ingeniously set up light boxes should learn from your example!!

Nyblaque said...

thanks Crysto! I am trying to find more eco- friendly, cost effective ways get things done. If I had a better camera the pics would come out much sharper..its just that darn snow! And tes with the energy costs so high,,i gotta make every penny count to conserve as much as I can. Thanks for posting!

missknits said...

ooo how fun! i always love to see people's work stations/studios! i wish i had one! mines like well scattered all over the apt! where ever i can find a spot! lol one day though! one day!

Jeanne Selep said...

Hello. Here is free advice - for what it is worth. ;) Your use of natural light is a great approach. You could use a smaller piece of paper placed in a chair. The paper curves from the seat of the chair up the back of the chair. Use tape to tack the paper in if you need be. (You can buy colors from a craft store, or cut apart a grocery bag.) Try to make sure no wrinkles from the paper are in the frame of the camera, (or wrinkle the paper intentionally for even texture.) Here is the "trick" - set the chair sideways to the window, so the window light is hitting the side of your objects full on, and your backdrop is not blocking window light. Try to make sure any shadows from window mullions, trees outside the window, etc. are not crossing in the frame of what the camera sees. I think this setup will allow you to use your black display bust. Good Luck!

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