Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gussy up Your Gifts on a Budget Part I-Making the Box

Hey Family,

I didn't get a chance to go out today for Simple Sunday...and since the offspring are napping right now, I am finally sneaking in a little bit of time to start off the tag/gift box project I've been talking about. Since I can't post the whole thing, I'll break it up into two parts. My children don't sleep very long and they would be very annoyed to see me on the PC right now!

First- The Box..

I didn't buy the boxes this way, but I am sure there are some stores that sell them.

The gift boxes I use were made from recycled gift boxes for watches that my son's father used to sell YEARS ago. He has alot of them so I won't be running out for a while.

If you happen to have any old watch jewelry boxes lying around and want to try this here is the basic things you will need:

A drill- I used a dremmel drill as pictured.

A standard 12" ruler

Permanent Adhesive- I am using Beacon brand Magna-Tac 809. it's smelly so I suggest you keep the young ones at bay and wear a mask so you don't inhale the fumes...and some gloves too.

A pair of scissors

So, I took cut and pulled out the lining, velvet and plastic covering, pulled off the old hinges( ok , that part I shouldnt have leave the hinges on!!!) and this is what box pieces look like bare:

Each pieces measures 4" tall x 3" across x 1 inch thick or wide. I used a Dremmel drill with a 3mm drill bit and made the two holes you see here. Again, leave the hinges was a P.I.T.A. to put the hinges back together and re-set to the wood pieces.

Since I was pressed for time I could not get a good pic of the all the material I used but I will list them for you:

Black medium grade construction paper.. about two 8x11 pieces.
Black corded string
Tags, Embellishments, your own business cards or shop/website stickers as the centerpiece.

I used the stickers that TheIvoryMagnolia had ordered for me as a Christmas present.
I'll post how I made put the box together made it look all purrrty and presentable tomorrow night. ;-)

They're waking up....gotta go! Happy Sunday



Fresh Bliss said...

Cute boxes and tags...I've been toying with different packaging ideas myself - something that would be cute and economical. Loved the finished product!

Jeanne Selep said...

I am lucky if I remember I need a box 5 minutes before I am supposed to leave for a party. Now I am thinking I could have a supply of beautiful packaging ready in advance... You are dedicated to be making the box, photographing the steps, and blogging the process all while the children nap.

Timeless Paper Arts said...

The black boxes look like you bought them like wonderful! Great job!! :)

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