Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Rush Part 1

So what's Summer in NYC like in

Hazy- Haunting & Humid!!!

The humidity from the trapped air and blocked out sun from all the skyscrapers in Manhattan is something else!

For many of us it's haunting as the loss of our crown jewel, the World Trade Center included the loss of alot of loved ones. During the summer months alot of sailing, boat shows, tourist boat rides and sporting events happen along the city's waterways. For many it's an everyday reminder commuting by water taxi or ferry to work across the Hudson from New Jersey and Staten Island

This is what the summer skyline SHOULD look like and this is how I will always remember it. I LOVED those towers! Whenever I traveled out of NYC the Towers were the first thing you would see coming back up north by car, bus or me they were the beacon that let me know I was home. XOXO WTC.


Oh the festivals, concerts, fairs, shows and outdoor events come into full..SWING in August!! I think it's the best month to get in on the summer action-but plan to stay awhile cause you'll have a laundry list of things to do!-But then again, it's always hopping here in the city;-)


Move over carnica cotton candy and hot dogs! Farmers Markets are in town and ripe for the picking. The summer harvest from Upstate NYC is bursting with organic mid summer fruits, green leafy, squash, berries, applies, plums, cider and soooo much more!! YUMM!!!


After all the heat and humidity is gone- some of the most photogenic and amazing sunsets can be viewed right here along the city boardwalks, beach shores and even the highest balconies and terraces. Plus the nights give into the pre-Autumn cool winds that lull you to sleep every time. I get a rush off August in NY.

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Happy August


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VenetiaJewelry said...

ooh i live right by where you took the last picture : )

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