Monday, August 3, 2009

Salvaged Simplicity

I made this necklace from pieces of an old pendant that broke. My aunt bought this for me for my birthday 10 years ago. This one is the largest of the rings. It a marquise style textured sterling silver flat ring.

I wanted to get the pendant engraved and give it to my daughter for her birthday. So I took it to one of the fancy jewelry stores in the Diamond/Fine Jewelry District in Manhattan and the engraver put too much pressure on the engraving site and it popped in three places.

If you look very very carefully you will see were the piece was soldered together by two slight niches in the top and bottom of the necklace. Since this gorgeous piece has been just sitting in my jewelry box so why not make a unique piece for someone special to treasure. You can find the"Salvaged Continuity" Necklace in my Etsy shop on sale now.

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Curtis Collectables :) said...

That is a gorgeous necklace. Refurbished jewelry is the best.

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