Thursday, August 6, 2009

I found my Facebook Page

Hey family !
Wow its been a few days since I blogged. - HI NEW FOLLOWERS:-) I see you. I'll be checking out your blogs soon. See, I pay attention;-) So what's up?? Me? I've been working on a few new designs with peacock feathers...what did i do with these beauties here?? You'll see;-)

Plus after about a couple of months...I finally found my FB page... not my regular Facebook but my FaceBook Fan page. For some reason when I set it up.. the url would not work a few days later. My ONE fan Heartabustin told me she's on the page and a fellow seller and customer agraceunlimited helped me figure out how to get to it! Thank you darlings!

I'm going to add the widget to the sidebar on the left. If you have a FB fan page post it in the comment box so I or others can become fans;-) Hey, it's all about connecting and networking- just make sure it's not porn ok? This is a family affair;-)
Coming up tomorrow- August Rush II, Weekend Deals, Follower Feedback and Feather Features too;)
Hugs to you ;-)
Be Kind, Stay Cool,


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