Sunday, September 6, 2009

DIY - Home Decor with Peacock Feathers

Hey Family;-) Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Sorry I haven't been the most chatty blogger lately- things have been a little busy at home, and peacock feathers sales have been the rage in my shop lately. With orders flooding in from the UK and Netherlands and bridal orders from the U.S and Canada, for a flightless bird's it's best features have had me flying!

In my spare time- which I rarely have, I 've been watching the Home and Garden Television Channel on cable. I am fascinated with all the amazing home decor and remodeling ideas used from even the simplest every day items that literally reinvent any home and garden.

During a commercial break I glanced at the bundle of peacock feathers laying across my old Wurlitzer piano and suddenly had an A-HA moment- I have been marketing these peacock feathers towards the jewelry and accessory market, I never thought about Home Decor!!

I grabbed a dozen feathers, an old flower vase and one of my bamboo place mats. I wrapped the mat around the vase and tied it together. Filled the vase halfway with garden pebbles and carefully placed each stem in different spots in the vase so they would stand up straight and pretty.

There you have it - a nice centerpiece for your piano or even a decorative touch to add to your window sill- I couldn't get the best lighting for these pictures but I wanted to just show you to give you some ideas of your own. I will try to post how I actually made the centerpiece later.

I probably won't be blogging for several days again as I am in the middle of moving and working on a bridal order of six pairs of feather earring for a New York State wedding in a few weeks! Plus I just got my hands on some Purple dyed synthetic peacock feathers that should be arriving from upstate soon - I can't wait to see what they look like!

What are you doing this weekend? Did you post today? Share your comment or you blog link in the comment box- remember keep it clean! Thanks for visiting. I hope I inspired you today;-)

Be Well,


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