Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Weeks in Review

Hey Family,
just wanted to stop in and show you a few of the things I've been doing for the past few weeks- I have more to post but right now I'm on dial up at my mom's house and uploading is a chore!I finish the rest on Tuesday.
First, I made 10 pairs of Rose Quartz earrings for a Texas bride, and 8 Calla Lilly Necklaces for a Colorado wedding last week.

Finished the Mother of Pearl earrings for the New York Bride this week.. She choose style 1, I liked style 2;-) but it's not MY wedding now is it?? lol!!

Spent some time with the local wildlife- these Canadian Geese have long stopped migrating to the South for decades after the locals started feeding them.
Don't worry they still nibble on all the grass here -trust me we see how well they are eating by the - umm - "presents " they leave behind lol..great fertilizer though ..ok, that's gross;-P

moving on....I helped pull some weeds from a neighbors floral garden

Made some more new jewelry, you know I just HAD to make some feather earrings in purple! Sold the first pair a few hours later. You can find all these new pieces in my Etsy shop

I choose a new wood background for my new and older listings. Gotta re-do your pictures sometimes to keep them fresh.

These acrylic leaf earrings are my favorite. They remind me of the changing of leaves in Autumn.

I've been hearing my use of natural elements make my pics too busy and distracting. Maybe, maybe not..but I love to use natural elements in my pictures. I just can't, wait WON"T do the one color/plain background. It's just not me. The color, textures, seasons, ..all these things I think about when i make a piece or photograph them because these are the elements that inspire me.

From the cotton in our shirts, flowers and trees, the slight breeze,to the metal in our chairs, or the wood bench , patio or tables where we sit. Nature makes us beautiful every day.
How was your week??
Thanks for visiting,
Be Well,

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