Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simple Sunday... An interesting morning..

Hey Family, you are probably wondering what the bucket is about....

Is that>>> Yup it's snow- the gross city type I always talk about..I love snow, don't get me wrong just not snow in the city. It's so polluted from the grit and grime that it gets all dingy looking pretty fast. But this is snow I collected from my apt window!!!
That's so not cool..a clear indication of how drafty the windows are- after complaining and asking for new windows, I finally have proof to show management I mean business -this is a health hazard.

Thank God for the central heating system but what if it didn't work we could have easily frozen overnight from the cold blistering jigh winds while we were sleeping. Not mention the water damage to the paint and hardwood flooring... I collected all this snow from the living room and two bedrooms. It had to be several pounds worth.

So I am sending these to management with this message.Yes, I would love a white Christmas but If that doesn't work- then I sending them to NYC Housing & Preservation Department to file a complaint. I bet I'll get new windows as an X-mas present lol!!

Just something sadly funny I wanted to share. What did you wake up to today?


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