Monday, December 21, 2009

Simplicity- New Creations

Hey Family,
I'd like you to meet Emma, the newest edition to the Atlantis Collection in my Etsy shop

The idea to create these actually came from me dropping the verdigris patina filigrees on my craft table next to a print of a red rose as I was preparing to make a video. The color contrast of red, green and dark brown were so beautiful I was inspired.
I was tweeting a few days ago chatting with Digitalmisfit about some ideas I had made with recycled glass pieces I bought a few weeks ago. I choose recycled glass instead of beach or sea glass just for the eco- friendly nature of them as these were made from recycled bottles and glass products that would have otherwise been sitting in a landfill.

I love the smooth , frosted matte look and feel of these pieces. This one I named "Silver Lining" had nice groves to easily wire wrap into a pendant.

I named this one WaterRose for its beautiful sea green color and the handformed firescale patina copper rose I added as an accent- These are the same roses I used in my Emma earrings. The name was also inspired by a fellow EPE team member and gorgeous hand embroidery & textile artist Waterrose . I love her natural textile artistry and her shop banner colors inspired me;-)

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