Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freetime Frenzy..Weekend Work

Hey Family,,, Pass me a tissue please.............

My eldest child came home with a brilliant cold..and guess who it was passed to..unintentionally of course. Yup, yours I am fighting to get rid of it fast so my toddler doesn't get it.

My best friend gave me a break today and took my baby to the Children's Museum while the big one spent time with best friends all day...So I had the whole afternoon to myself...wooo hoo! Though I feel kinda bummed because I wanted to go to the Red Cross today;-(

You would think I'd crawl under the covers and pass out but nooooooooooooooooo, I went bonkers and started crafting lol! I grabbed whatever bead or bauble that caught my eye and made a bunch of earrings and least 50 pieces! Something I never get to do with the children here without staying up half the night LOL! This post would be insanely long if I listed then all so here are the pieces I was able to photograph with the lighting that was available.




and I finished two custom orders

That's just SOME of the simplier pieces I worked on. All the earrings I made will be donated to the Handmade4haiti section of my shop.

Coming up Monday:.. My idea to make bags for Haiti Relief....stay tuned;-) Ok, I am going to pass out now;-) Night.

be Well, stay strong


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