Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY- Home Decor Peacock Feather Centerpiece -Video

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I am currently working on a bridal idea for a peacock feather centerpiece. I'm excited;-)

Here is a centerpiece created with sample feathers she purchased from me;-) I love it!

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MichelleBallard said...

those are so beautiful... when I was younger my whole kitchen was done in peacock feathers.. I love them :)

Annette said...

Beautiful! The black and white peacock feathers are very elegant.

Lil 'ol me said...

Love Peacock Feathers!!

Hi there... I just stumbled upon your Etsy store and loved your work!! I posted one of your necklaces on my blog with a link back to your store. Hope you don't mind! I will be checking back... wonderful to have found you!

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