Monday, June 14, 2010

Strength-Maintaining Positive Energy Through Art

Happy Monday;-)

I am packing up my things and getting ready to move out of my old apt. As I reflect on the four years I lived there, I remember my son's father having this strong superstition that the apt had a "bad aura" within its walls.

I wonder if he was right as it holds alot of painful memories and some strange instances. I always felt that you make your house your home but still, I do wonder....

I have a whole knew feeling going into the new apt. This will be the first time I will finally have the chance to decorate the walls on my own with artwork that fits our family's energy, artistic expression and personalities.

Pictures of art, music, family and energy inspires me. Bright colors and warm watercolors stir my spirit and make me feel happy. I had the pleasure of purchasing these beautiful prints of original watercolor and acrylic paintings created by Brandy Kazakian Rowe. you can visit her Etsy shop or follow her on Twitter.

Her works is filled with dramatic color and light! Her paintings make me the positive vibes of love,family, consciousness, vibrancy and spiritual energy. I made up my mind to add her artwork to play a major part of the artistic decor of my new home.

I had already purchased the Strength, Courage and Wisdom print a few months ago, it rests right above my computer in my work space. I feel very Zen when I look at her;-)

The photos below are the new ones that I bought from her yesterday. Each one has its own select place in my new apt.

for my bedroom:

My eldest childs' room:

Wandering Gypsy Soul

The Strength is to make your place of sanctuary(your home) what you need it to be to keep positive energy flowing at all times. Your surroundings play a key part in the subconscious and conscious mental state of your well being, add things to your environment that will keep you focused on your personal peace.



Kottage Kreations said...

As I read, and boy did I, I truely think that making your space your personal sanctuary. I was awe inspired by your beautiful read and I really want to thank you for sharing and becoming an inpiration to me. I too believe in comforting the soul with art, creativity and bliss with what a person puts around their surroundings. I keep my home full of inspirations that are important to me such as shabby chic, soft art, color when it calls for it, I just love to create my spaces with things that really make it a home. My home. I spread a piece of me where ever I kreate, whether it be the bedroom, the kitchen, or anywhere I can find a peaceful moment to express my inner craftyness! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and a piece of your life with me. I truely appreciate your inspirations.

swanriverstone said...

Dear Friend,

I am so glad you liked my blogpost and shared your experience as well. Your story was equally refreshing and enjoyable to read.

I have to make a note to take some pics of the pieces in the room they will be placed in when I receive them. I truly love Brandy's artwork. I would recommend her to anyonE.

Alix said...

I recently found a new apartment too, and it's so wonderful to go into a space having good feelings about it, and to take the time to make it your own :)

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