Sunday, August 29, 2010

Balance: A Reality Check

It's funny how sometimes we don't practice what we preach;-) I have always talked about taking care of ones health, trying to find holistic ways to stay mentally and physically well.

But I have not always done the same for myself. and the unfortunate lesson behind this is what my doctor warned me I had a 50% chance of not having it if I lost weight and found better ways to relieve stress in my life since everything else was fine and I had lived my life differently than my fore parents did. Last week I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.

At 37, I am the youngest to have this diagnosis between my mother and my grandmother who were diagnosed in their late 50's and 60's. I had the trait for it but mu cardiologist told be that I could beat it if I ate right and exercised..I did and lost 35 pounds over 3 yrs and limited my salt intake greatly.

But the came from many angles in different forms but I guess it wasn't enough. When I went to my cardiologist my BP was 166/101--that's HIGH

Five yrs ago it was 144/110 but I was 230 pounds, going through a bad breakup and working for a small business for a boss from hell. All the same, it snuck up on me. Still, HBP is manageable and since I already know it full history, I have the jump on living with HBP. I still have 20 pounds to go and thankfully I have no high cholesterol, no high blood sugar and my white and red blood cell counts are excellent.

I am taking Diovan as my medication treatment and so far so good. My readings have gone down to 130/80..that's a BIG difference! Oh, the hematite? Hematite is a grounding stone with absorbs negative energy and stress. I carry one with me everywhere I go and made a pendant with the other one to wear close to my heart.

There is no Balance in life if your health is not centered...take care of yourself, no matter what.

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