Saturday, October 23, 2010

Merge in the Making

Hey Family;-)

Just wanted to touch base and inform everyone of a few changes.

As of February 2011 will permanently close. Yes, I know I have said this before and re-opened but it is official this time. I have I am giving up the shop name and merging with my more eco-conscious sister shop SwanRiverStone.

I won't delete the account as I know many know me by my Ny name so they will know where I am. It is also where my online history began and would make a good feedback and history reference.The blog is looking different too, I imported most of the blog posts I have created here to my SwanRiverStone blog & will eventually delete this blog. My Nyblaque Facebook Page will also be deleted.

I still have some listing at my Nyblaque shop on Etsy but they are expiring pretty fast so most of them are still on sale. I may relist them for the Holiday Shopping Season in November and let them run their 4month course. I also opened a new bead and supply shop on Artfire. don't make fun of my lack of banner and avatar right now LOL!..I'm getting one, I'm gettin one;-P

Hopefully I will get to see some, if not all of you come over to my SwanRiver blog. I admit I have been way more active there than one this one..but for those who have been following with me for know I haven't been great at multi-blogging lol!

Thanks for visiting;-)

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