Monday, January 12, 2009

Work in Progress with Infivision- Phase Two

Hey there! Here are some more sample photos of the new pieces I will be selling in my Etsy Shop next week..Photos were taken by . I am in love!...with the photos of course ;-P. Can you believe these are test shots? My pics never looks this good lol! Adam is a serious perfectionist and I appreciate his work. I will receive the final shots soon.

Copper Heart and Faceted Crystal Pendant

Chalcedony Teardrop Spiral Necklace

Ring of Fire- Faceted Carnelian and Red Glass Earrings
For me personally, these photos are a big improvement. If you take a look at my flickr page by clicking on the slideshow-alot of those early photos were taken with a WEB CAMERA and no photo-editing software. I didn't get a digital-camera until the Spring of 2008.

After I accidently broke that one... ( I sat on it and broke the lens.....hey, thats not funny- ok yeah it is!!)I got a Kodak PhotoSmart-it works ok..but I can't seem to get that noise reduction out of the shots. Take a good look at the photos in both my Etsy and Artfire shops from October-to the present..and compare the clarity, definition and quality of these pics. Even to the un-trained eye you can see a BIG difference.

I consider this great investment. Please stop by Adam's Shop to take a look at his other works and offers at now two locations:

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Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is lovely and I think your photos look great also.

Nyblaque said...

thank you sassyglass! i appreciate it, Adam did an awesome job:)

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