Thursday, February 11, 2010

Natural Inspirations-New Listings and Peacock Stems

Hey Family,
If anyone has the first album by Neo-Soul Artist India Arie- You will see her standing with her back turned holding a fan of peacock feathers behind her back. I got inspired and wanted to take apicture of me holding my man made stems in a similiar fashion.

I just listed some new Spring Green Peacock Stems in my Nyblaque shop.

Since the molting season is out for the farm -raised peacock feather I purchase from upstate new york and other organic sources, the feathers listed as made from man made materials and dyed with organic color fast dye. There are no animal tested or animal by products used to create the feathers.I don't know how they do it but the feather like soooo real in person are very good quality and come with easy care instructions.

I love the color contrast from yellow -green to lime green on some of the stems I have.

I even picked up some "swords" very cool;-)

I had a Mardi Gras moment when I laid out all the stems I have together.The Purple, Blonde, and Green look great together;-)

Speaking of color, I love pine cones and colored leaves- this was a nice decor mix I picked up from Michael's Craft Store.

I had no idea the colors would inspire me to create these necklaces:

I put together a wood embellishment disk with a nice Anaku tile pendant bail and a simple chain. Simple and  easy;-)

Channeled my inner Tao with this necklace:-) I love the shape of these Picture Jasper beads- I didn't know wheither to make the Ying Yang sign or the Pisces for Feb/March- so I made one of each LOL!

have a happy Thursday,

Be Well,


1 comment:

glassidentities said...

wonderful colors... I had never heard of man made peacock feathers.. what a great idea... so beautiful :) I love India Arie and I remember that photo :)

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