Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creativity -a Man's touch

Recently, I have gotten a growing inquiry of men jewelry from past customers at craft fairs that purchased from me. I used to love making men's/unisex jewelry as it sold very well at street fairs and during the time I was as outdoor vendor but it didn't do so well online.

I am seeing a small spite in interest from women who want to purchase items for the man in their live and a few direct requests from the guys themselves. It's awesome! I found some lovely bohemian and ethnic beads and woods to work with. Most guys I have talked to still lean toward dark earthy colors like reds, blue, greens, and browns.

The tops favorite colors in jewelry are still black, silver , gun metal, a little gold and very very neutral white.

I look forward to making some more creations soon. thanks for visiting.

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